Become Delicious!

Remember the first line from the Toys ‘R Us jingle: I don’t want to grow up

BecCHOCOLATE BODY TATTOO KIToming an adult, getting married and having children propel us into a life of responsibilities.  We have to get serious, be thoughtful and plan for the future.  Rare is the occasion at which we can revisit the playfulness of childhood when creativity meant abandoning convention.  Making a mess wasn’t looked upon fretfully because our first thought wasn’t who’s going to clean that up?

Sexual intimacy is such an occasion for a husband and wife to revisit those glorious carefree days if only but for a while.  Think about it!  Covering your bodies with lickable toppings.  Writing provocative and erotic messages on each other’s bodies and inviting one another to erase them with your tongues.  Okay…so this isn’t exactly child’s play and it can’t happen every time we make love.

However, the idea of just being playful and creative during sex shouldn’t be overlooked nor underestimated as refreshing and energizing to our love lives.  Chocolate Body  Talk Tattoo and Edible Undies are but a few products that lend themselves to edible delight in the bedroom (livingroom, kitchen, den, garage…).  Even common household foods can be used to indulge in tantalizing tasteful sexual theatrics.

Hiding berries on your body and having your spouse search for them while blindfolded is one game spouses can play.  Applying peanut butter to his manhood and licking it off is yet another tasty treat.  There are a number of items made for him and her that can be applied safely.

The thought here is to enjoy one another in an unusual way to make your intimate time together less routing.  Dare to become playful, creative.  Dare to become delicious!

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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