Free Electronic Book Giveaway!

As appreciation for being a blog visitor and/or TPB customer, we are going to give you a special gift…ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It is the latest book by our friends, Robert & Susan Irwin.

Appearing on television, radio and in printed media, Robert & Susan have spent over a decade helping married Christian couples to improve their married sex lives.

Their books are some of the most popular Christian sex guides available anywhere.

They have just finished up a new, big book (over 200 pages) and it is filled with answers to, just about, every question you might have about how to improve YOUR married sex life.

Even better, because Robert owes me a favor, I talked him into offering our supporters a copy for the very low price of…FREE!

It is titled…

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex

But Were Afraid To Ask

It is 229 pages of his most popular blog posts and articles all gathered together and presented in a way that will make
it easy for you to get any of your remaining questions about Christian sex issues answered…quickly and easily!

He’ll soon be selling this book for $37.00 But, right now, for our supporters, you can get YOUR COPY for FREE!

To get your FREE copy, all you have to do is go to the following page and download your copy IMMEDIATELY!:

And, feel free, to send your family and friends to this “secret” page, as well. Just try to do it sooner than later because he won’t be keeping this section open forever.

Thanks again for including us this year as a resource for strengthening intimacy in your marriage. Don’t forget to visit us for your intimacy product needs at, your married couples intimacy store!

Thank you for contributing to another very successful year of celebrating and supporting healthy marriage and intimacy.  Continue to visit us at, your married couples intimacy store!

Carnell and Angela

P.S. Even if you have other similar books, I think you will find this book truly valuable.

P.S.S. You’ll probably find a few laughs in there too!

P.S.S. Grab your copy right away…Robert is only going to be
doing this “giveaway” for a very short time.

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