10 Ways to Revolutionize Your Marriage This Year

You know what a resolution for the new year is?  It is an acknowledgement for a need to change.  And since it comes in the form of a resolution, it is also a tacit admission that the change may be difficult.

Are you resolved to see improvements in your marriage?  Here are 10 areas of focus to make this a revolutionary year for your relationship.

10. Mind our words!  Sticks and stones make break your bones but words can break a spirit.  Use words to resolve, encourage and promote…not to retaliate, injure and put down.  Our language is a mirror to our hearts.

9. Keep it simple.  Simple acts of kindness can make this a stellar year for you and your spouse.  Forget about that coveted diamond pendant.  How about marking your personal calendar with six random days throughout the year where you will do or give a simple treat to your spouse.  Fresh picked flowers, a full body massage, a romantic love letter or a special trip to the beach/lake front for a sunset walk are gifts that will keep giving.

8. Make memories.  Make a special photo album for you and your mate.  Fill half of it with previously taken photos of you together.  Reserve the second half for photos to take together this year.  Keep a camera handy and look for those special photo opportunities.  Better yet, create those special romantic opportunities with a mind to complete our album.

7. Keep it light.  Laugh this year.  Don’t use humor as a device to avoid dealing with conflict.  Do use humor as a device for putting conflict into perspective.  Some things are only important because we make them front and center.  Resolve not to be so serious this year.

6. Do something different.  Plan an activity together that will be new to both of you.  Take a class together, find a hobby to share, play tennis together…  Whatever it is, do it together.  Newness is essential to spice!

5. Renew vows.  Consider making the renewal of vows an annual event.  It need not be in front of a lot of people.  It can be as simple as taking a few minutes during dinner to do it in the presence of our child(ren).  Think about how special a memory it will be to have seen mommy and daddy continually recommit their love to one another.

4. Prioritize you!  Selflessness is noble.  Becoming a martyr for our family’s is not.  Whether I am a dutiful mom or hardworking dad (vice versa), everyone benefits when we are careful to replenish our strength and attend to things that personally appeal to us.  Get a hobby.  Read a book.  Take a nap.  Let’s take care of ourselves…for ours and our family’s sake.

3. Play together.  Take mini-vacations this year.  One or two nights away a few times a year can be remarkable re-energizing to you both.  Use the internet to get the best rates on accommodations.  Ask friends who live a distance whether you can use their place to crash for a few days.  Go camping.  Get away!

2. Pray together.  A marriage union forged in faith stands to be incredibly durable.  Christ is a third cord that creates a bond without parallel.

1. Be.  Don’t just do!  Whatever your resolutions, don’t just do things.  Make up your mind to be different in a way that ensures the change is long-lasting and effective.  The most meaningful changes start in our heads, filter into our hearts and govern the actions of our bodies.  You don’t want to be making the same resolutions about your marriage year after year.  Be the change you seek.

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