Let’s Play!

“Women need foreplay.”

“Women can’t ‘get going’ without a little foreplay.”

“Men are always ready but women need foreplay.”

“Men are physical and are always ready for sex.  Women are emotional and require some mental priming for sex.”

In reality, men generally love foreplay as much as women.  How many men dislike oral sex?  Foreplay gets a bad rap because ‘experts’ feed us lines about what foreplay is and who needs it.  Remove the ‘fore’ and this is what we have: play!

The problem with going straight to intercourse (genital union) is that we risk forsaking all of the good and beneficial aspects of sexual intimacy.  We may end up engaging in sex without intimacy.  The ‘playing’ is where couples engage one another’s hearts and minds to bring about an intimate connection.  And unlike advice of old that foreplay is this or that, foreplay is anything that promote a more wholehearted response to work sexual stimulation.  Foreplay is any act that prepares us (heart, mind, body) for sexual intimacy.

For some, foreplay can be a playful conversation about a humorous event.  It can be an intense conversation about a news story.  It is the mutual exchange and deference to one another’s value as a person that liberates us to enjoy one another’s company.  In so doing, we ‘feel’ more willing to allow our partners access to both our inner as well as our inner selves.

To be sure, foreplay is oral sex, kissing, touching and the like.  However, these things are more about the physiology of sexuality.  Foreplay can and should allow us to go further and deeper, making sexual intimacy dynamic and fulfilling on so many levels.

Let’s play!

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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