Christian Marriage Retreat (Southern California)

They’ll gather on a hill nestled between the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys in Southern California.  They’ll come from different walks of life, different places on the economic strata, different cultures and different life experiences.  They’ll have in common a love for Christ and a devotion to nurturing a healthy and happy marriage.  And what’s drawing these people to this hill?

The 2010 edition of Our Intimate Choices Marriage Retreat convenes January 29-31 at th Pacific Palms Resort Hotel in Industry, CA.  Christian couples will experience a unique presentation of Biblical principles and the practical realities of sexual intimacy and marriage in today’s world.  Whereas many marriage conferences, retreats and intensives focus on specific issues in the relationship or high level principles of marriage, Choices is designed to address sexual intimacy in a way that allows a couple to answer a variety of questions about healing or enhancing their love life in ways that are consistent with their faith.

Rather than simple rattling of dos and don’ts, permission and prohibitions, Carnell and Angela, owners of, will leverage scriptural principles, counseling and ministry experiences, interactions with thousands of couples worldwide and lessons from their own 17 year marriage to afford couples the means by which they can resolve choices of what behaviors, practices and attitudes make them the best physical lover to one another.

In a world that treats sex like a handshake, come learn how sex was created to be more like a conversation (interaction, transaction, and resolution).  Come if you’ve ever had such questions as:

  • How do we know what we can rightly do in the bedroom
  • Is any sex act okay as long as it’s just me and my spouse
  • Is solo masturbation okay sometimes
  • Does a spouse have to have sex if they don’t feel like it
  • What priority should sex be in our marriage
  • Is anal sex (oral sex) okay
  • What do we do if one needs more romance and foreplay and the other needs more frequency of sex and spice
  • What can we do if our levels of desire for sex are really different
  • What if I’m less than physically attracted to my spouse
  • How do we deal with it if one of us has a sexual dysfunction
  • I’m tired all the time and sex doesn’t seem to fit in to things right now
  • We want to spice things up but we’re running out of ideas
  • We want to spice things up but don’t know if some of our ideas are acceptable to God
  • Our sex life is less than fulfilling, what can we do

If you have these or other questions, come.  if your marriage is on the rocks and you are desperate for an answer come.  This isn’t marriage therapy.  This isn’t sermons or Bible studies on spiritual intimacy.  This is a weekend of facilitated interaction with your spouse wherein you are exposed to principles and strategies for creating dynamic and consistently rewarding sexual experiences in your marriage, regardless of its season!

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  1. Judith says:


    Love your article, thanks for this

    p.s. I just wrote one as well here ,Marriage Retreat

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