What Is Trust To Marriage?

Trust.  It is foundational to a strong marriage.  It is an element of marital relationship which promotes growth and stability in every other aspect of it.  And often, we don’t recognize how important trust is until it becomes compromised.

In the context of marriage, trust is defined as a belief that one’s spouse is always acting in the best interest of the marriage and/or household.

By this definition, even when we disagree, we accept that our differences are ideological and not based exclusively out of self-interest or is not a product of our mate’s disinterest in the welfare of the relationship.

In other words, the presence of trust has us consistently seeing our mate’s choices and actions in the best light.   We assume the best of one another when we trust each other. 

Couples who have a healthy measure of trust don’t experience it in an absolute way.  It is not as though we don’t pause occasionally to examine one another’s motives or to challenge one another to be more transparent about our thinking or intentions.  To the contrary, couples who cultivate an environment of trust endure such challenges well because of the fundamental belief that each is acting in the other’s (or household’s) best interest.

Trust is a wonderful asset to a glorious marriage.  Trust me!

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