Foreplay: The Power of Touch

We’ve posted previously about the benefits of sensory deprivation.  Removing the use of one sense tends to heighten the sensitivity of the remaining ones.  We can use this to intensify our spouse’s arousal (or they of us).


Use an old silk scarf or necktie to tie your spouse’s hands to the headboard.  Have them make sure they’ve assumed a comfortable position. This foreplay experience is not intended to promote discomfort neither pain.

 Next, place earphones on their head with a compilation of love songs they may like.  Confirm that the volume is at a comfortable level and high enough to block out any other noises that might exist (traffic outside the window, a nearby fan, sqeaking of the bed, etc.).

Assemble a collection of silk, cotton and leather materials (scarfs, handkerchiefs, belts, etc.).  With your husband or wife completely naked, run the materials over various parts of his or her body.  Massage them (genitally stimulate them intermittently), lick peanut butter (or a topping of your choice) off their nipples or apply oils or creams over their body.  Only touch genitals periodically and for short periods of time.  Pay attention to the entire body.  You are teasing them.  Pay attention to areas of the body that may not normally receive sensuous pleasure such as toes, lower back and fingers.

By depriving your spouse of sight and sound, touch becomes more important and intense.  Of course, the tables can be turned and you may become the recipient of this treatment.

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