An Inconvenient Truth: Gores Separate

Al and Tipper Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore and wife, Tipper Gore

After 40 years of marriage, who would have ‘thunk’ it?  The Clintons are still together.  Al and Tipper Gore are not!  What’s the inconvenient truth?  Al and Tipper go their separate ways.

Marriage can be hard and just putting in years is not enough to get a couple to the ’til death do us part part.  We don’t revel in or celebrate the dissolution of anyone’s marriage.  And we do not suggest that the Gores didn’t put work into their marriage. 

We are simply reminded by these high-profile breakups of famous couples that 1.) things aren’t always what they seem and 2.) the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Do we sound like your parents?

Things aren’t always what they seem.   We’ve blogged previously about the danger couples face when they live to project perfection where it does not exist.  The first priority of any couple is to strengthen and nurture the marital relationship.  If the marriage is on strong footing, it will promote success in most other areas of your lives…not vice versa.  This brings us to the second point.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  Conventional wisdom has it that financial security and achieving career goals makes one better suited for marriage.  Maybe.  However, it should be noted that studies show that the link between income and proneness for divorce is more modest than we might intuitively believe.  There are many factors that lead couples to become more statistically likely to divorce.  The idea that affluence and education make marriages inherently more likely to succeed is laughable really.

There is no substitute for devotion, commitment, communication and love through service (the 5 Love Languages notwithstanding).  The danger to look at other couples and perceive a model for our relationship is dangerous insomuch as couples learn to project a public face that masks private anguish.

We don’t know that the Gores are particularly or specifically guilty of trying to dupe the public about the state of their marital relationship.  We don’t necessarily believe it is any of our business.   Like riding along and seeing a terrible accident at the side of the road, we use this occasion to remind ourselves of the need to pay appropriate attention to our situation lest we likewise fall!

That is all.

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