An Adolescent View of Adult Relations

The Rand Corporation, a non-profit think tank, conducted an analysis on Adolescent Relationships as Precursors of Healthy Adult  Marriages.  If you get an opportunity, download the free PDF which comes in full or summary version. What most interests us is the network of influences on our perceptions of relationships and expectations of our future.  Ethnicity, economic conditions and environment are broad predictors of future relationship behaviors.  However, as parents we should appreciate how manageable many influences are that lead to the development of our children’s perspectives of romance, love and marriage.  While we can’t control the outcomes of their lives, we believe that we can nurture them toward a healthy understanding of what healthy intimate relationships look like as well as what their roles must or can be in those relationships. 

Here are a few of the conditions the Rand analysis identifies as affecting adolescent attitudes, beliefs and behaviors with respect to romance and marriage.  family structure
relationships with family members
peer groups
school environment
stress exposure
individual self-esteem
individual intelligence
individual personality

These conditions, according to Rand, specifically affect: 

attitudes towards dating and marriage
beliefs about sex and pregnancy
when the adolescent begins dating
intensity of romantic relationships
duration and number of romantic relationships
sexual behavior
choice of partner

We’d like to explore some of the specifics in future posts.  Not only does such knowledge bring light to the importance of what we teach and demonstrate to our children, it helps us understand what has shaped our own views and informed our approach to love, sex and marriage.

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