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Have you had some issues in your marriage with which you and your mate struggle continuously?  Have you felt like it was difficult to have a substantive conversation because one or both of you got defensive, shut down or struggled to understand the other’s perspective?

What about your sex life?  Are there things you’d like to discuss but don’t know how to bring them up or explain them in a way that is constructive?  There is a FREE tool for those in our Facebook family.

Using a series of surveys completed by each spouse, you are guided in your discussions while being allowed to explore your own perceptions as well as that of your spouse.  Download Our Intimate Choices: Couple’s Communication Toolbox and immediately have access to a few guides for those difficult discussions.  Using these surveys, you and your spouse can constructively explore:

1. Sexual foreplay preferences
2. Communicate what does and does not work for you in the bedroom
3. Identify issues in the marriage that need attention and begin formulating a plan to resolve them
4. Identify how your individual goals and future plans may have changed and resolve ways to support one another

…and so much more.

Join our Facebook family and download the free tool immediately!

Married?  Visit us at for your intimacy product needs.

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