Home Alone?

Home Alone (film)

Miner may be home alone.

As the world looks on the event, it appears that one of the Chilean miners may have no family to greet him when he emerges from the mine.

Some 70+ days ago, 33 men were trapped during a mine cave-in in Chile.  As they are being rescued [as of the writing of this draft], No. 21 to emerge, Yonni Barrios had both his mistress and wife show up at the mine site in anticipation of his extraction. Imagine Mrs. barrios surprise to hear another woman chanting her husband’s name and toting his picture!After initially saying she would be there when he came up, she has changed her mind.   She has returned to their home…without him for now.

And it appears the mistress may be changing her mind about staying also. Appears he wasn’t the only one being ‘shafted’.  What a bizarre scenario!

Tragedies and triumphs in life often expose our unattended weaknesses and secret sins.  This is not for us to judge but to consider what might come to light if we were ‘trapped in a mine’!

We should pray for these men and their families.  Despite the media attention, their and their families’ recovery may be hard and long.

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