A “Mind Blowing” Orgasm?

Wives, have you seen the magazine covers that invite you to follow a few easy steps to a “mind blowing orgasm”?  Have you been tempted to buy a book that carried that same promise?  What are your assumptions about orgasm? 

The reality is that the female orgasm can be a much more complicated experience than the male experience.  The measurable and scientifically observable elements of the female orgasm are muscle contraction (vaginal, uteral and anal), shallow breathing, becoming flush and spontaneous facial/aural expressions.  However, these indicators don’t tell us what every wife is perceiving during orgasm and those perceptions may differ event to event for each woman.  Trying to describe one’s orgasm is like trying to describe an itch.  How do you do justice to it?

The truth is that orgasm is as much mental (expectation and perception) as physical in many cases.  Certainly this is true concerning its strength and the satisfaction derived from dear wife by it.  In other words, environment, relationship, mood, thoughts and expectations factor into how she perceives an orgasm as much as the physical stimulation that helps to bring orgasm about.  Many women report they aren’t always sure whether they’ve had an orgasm.  While respondents in orgasm studies can be monitored to be experiencing all of the indicators of orgasm, a substantial number in many studies aren’t sure they’ve actually achieved ‘climax’.

So, maybe the point is that we might be better served to pay as much attention to the intangible aspects of making love as the tangible aspects of technique.  What appears to make sex intimate for many wives has a lot to do with things that are outside of actual intercourse or genital manipulation.  Gentle caresses, music, conversation, attention, kissing and other demonstrations of affection have a mental as well as physical affect.   The level of intimacy achieved may have direct correlation to her ability to experience the full spectrum of the sexual response cycle–from desire through orgasm.

Dare we even say that what has happened outside the bedroom directly affects what is happening in it.  Perhaps having a mind blowing orgasm is more about how she mentally experiences sex than how she responds to physical techniques. 

Just a thought for those attempting to enhance dear wife’s lovemaking experience.

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One Response to A “Mind Blowing” Orgasm?

  1. Mavis McKnight says:

    Good morning,
    I too believe that the experience of orgasms are determined largely by what’s going on inside of a woman’s head, mainly her attitude toward sex. Unfortunately, too many women are fearful of this topic and seem to think that they will be struck down by lightening if they talk about it, even though many don’t have a problem thinking about it in secret. I also believe if a woman is too focused on what’s going on in her head there is a slight danger of detachment from her mate. It’s important that she share what is going on in her head and her heart about what she loves sexually. One of the things I stress is the importance of rituals (which could be a weekly talk about this topic) to create and maintain that connection outside of the bedroom, in order to enhance what’s possible in the bedroom. A man should definitely pay attention to how his woman responds to what he is doing or not doing. This speaks very loud and clear. Thanx for your information on this subject.

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