Energizing Your Sex Life

Energizing Your Sex Life

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The bad rap on marriage is that wedded couples experience diminished quantity and quality.  Whether it is the familiarity couples enjoy with one another, the rigors of our daily lives or a combination of these and other factors, the reality is that sex can get routine and less fulfilling without some proaction.  We recommend 3 areas that can energize your sex life!

1.      Adoration: The difference between animalistic sex and making love isn’t the level of passion or energy but the exchange of affection, the strength of relational connection and the sense of fulfillment with which the experience leaves us.  Consequently, it’s in a couple’s best interest to serve love outside of the bedroom so that making love can serve them inside of it.  This means spouse must be affectionate, considerate and doting separate and apart from pursuing sex.  Genuinely adore one another.  Practice these behaviors daily…just because.

2.      Education: Your enjoyment of sex is greatly determined by both your awareness of each other’s as well as your own bodies, your understanding of various techniques and ideas that help you vary sexual experiences. Educate yourselves on different kinds of foreplay.  Switch things up and avoid falling into a “comfortable” routine that, while familiar, will also become less arousing over time.  Educate yourselves regarding what your mate likes and surprise them with new sex positions, by kissing them differently and with other changes that differ from or exceed their expectations.

3.      Attenuation: This means lessen. In other words, don’t do everything every time.  If your sexual routine always includes a little rubbing, some oral sex or a “hand job” for him, these things may lose their special quality.  As you educate yourselves, also consider the different types of sex you may have.  Slow and tender may employ much of what you know.  However, quickies are about leveraging high arousal to jump straight to intercourse.  Your average session may include 15 minutes of foreplay and 5 to 10 minutes of actual intercourse.  In all cases, focus on a few impacting activities rather than displaying everything in your repertoire.  Think quality rather than quantity.

Ultimately, the best way to energize your sex life is to talk about what works and what doesn’t.  Have periodic talks about your preferences and desires so that as they or your bodies change, you both can be alerted to those changes.  Us our electronic books to help sharpen your skills and expand your options!

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