8 Things Wise Wives Learn

As a sequel to our post on 8 Things Wise Husbands Learn, we are citing some important wisdom acquired by wives in fulfilling marriages.  These are not, perhaps, the 8 most important things.  They’re 8 common things we’ve discovered as critical among women who are fulfilled in their marriages.

In no particular order, wise wives learn:

1. Being a woman is a gift.  Wives were constructed by God with deep capacities and are purposefully and intricately designed (meet) life partners (help) to their husbands.  Wise women accept and embrace this reality.

2. Totally spending themselves for their family sounds noble but is extremely foolish.  If a wife/mom isn’t spiritually, mentally and physically strong, her contribution to her marriage and home will be diminished.  Wise wives get rest.  If wise they can’t find it, they steal it!

3. A handful of strong, Godly friends are better than an expansive network made up of gossipping drama queens!  A wise wife has a full life.  She doesn’t need her energy depleted by superfluous strife.

4. They can’t expect their husbands to be their best girlfriends.  No matter how much he loves her, there are times a husband can listen and empathize…but not apprehend what his wife is going through.  We ought not scold nor penalize them for “not getting it”.  We must, instead, acknowledge them for trying.

5. Not to prioritize their children over their spouse.  Children, no doubt, require a great deal of our attention in different seasons for different reasons.  But wise wives establish early on that their children benefit from having parents who have a healthy marital relationship.   Wise wives reject the notion that children are an excuse for not spending quality time with their husbands.  Rather, they teach their children (in an age-appropriate manner) how to honor mommy and daddy’s private time.  It’s a process.

6. How to be respectful and influential with their husbands.  Respecting our husbands is not antithetical to having a voice in our marriages.  A wise wife finds her voice and uses it to partner with her husband to make the best choices for their shared life.  She does not compete for power in the marriage but patiently and consistently contributes in a way that helps her husband see how indispensable she is to their home’s success. 

7. Understand the power of their sensuality.  She makes lovemaking a priority because it allows her to be generous to her husband as well as he towards her.  Wise wives are not objects of their marriage’s sex lives.  They teach their husbands how to make love to them so that their husbands don’t feel like they are making love TO their wives but rather enjoying it WITH them.  The distinction is substantial.

8. Have an infinite source for their love.  God.  The wise wife, above all, demonstrates a love that attacts love, overcomes evil and heals wounds.  Hers is a miraculous, incalculable, inexhaustive love.  Her love for her husband grows out of God’s love for her.

Now, wrap your arms around that…

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