Sex: Drive and Thrive

Discover how to strengthen and energize your body!

When it comes to sex in your marriage, which of these 10 statements belong to you?

  1. I don’t have the energy for it
  2. I don’t have the stamina for it
  3. I can’t move my body as I’d like to do
  4. My joints and/or muscles hurt
  5. I don’t feel good about my body’s appearance 
  6. I struggle to get or keep arousal (men: erection, women: lubrication)
  7. I’m not getting to orgasm as easily or as frequently as in the past
  8. It’s hard for me to focus during sex
  9. I don’t feel like having sex
  10. I don’t feel sexy

Because we believe that these common experiences can be easily remedied, we’ve teamed up with our friends at to bring you an exciting opportunity.  Join us on Wednesday, October 26, at 7 p.m. Pacific Time for a  FREE webinar: 7 Secrets to Fitting in Fitness for Busy Couples.

There are many conditions that get in the way of our enjoying a fulfilling sex life in our marriages.  However, physical health is at the top of the list and the statements above can often be addressed by adopting fitness as a part of our regular life routines.

We’ve teamed up with Dustin Riechmann and Tony DiLorenzo of to bring you this FREE and inspiring webinar to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Dustin and Tony address the roadblocks of time, diet and motivation in preparing us to succeed on our journey to fitness.  They will lead us to the tools we need to get the results we want.

Sexual intimacy will only be as fulfilling as our bodies and minds are strong.  Bless yourself and your marriage by signing up for this FREE webinar!  Let’s charge our sex drive and see our sex lives thrive!  Hurry!  Space is limited.

If you can’t make the date or time, sign up anyway and we’ll send you the replay.

7 Secrets to Fitting in Fitness for Busy Couples

Date: October 26
Time: 7 p.m.
Signup: Here

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