I Want to Be a Better Lover for My Wife

ImageSo you really want to be a better lover to your wife?  This is a noble aspiration and one that all husbands should share.  people get better at money management and parenting.  In fact, people are constantly looking for ways to improve in and get more out of most areas of their lives.  Why not get better at sex?

The challenge is where do you start, dear husband.  Well, we believe there are three areas that should get his immediate attention:

  1. Your Head (the one on his shoulders): Focus on your wife.  Those elaborate fantasies that play themselves out in your head are essentially like having those folks in your bed.  Jesus isn’t accepting of that and neither is your wife…even if she’s saying otherwise.  What she may not know is that the more you use these fantasies to intensify your arousal, the more you NEED them to maintain your arousal.  She may not know this to be true but you do. Sex is for one man and one woman who are in a covenant union.  This covenant bonds them exclusively, physically (sexually) and metaphysically (emotionally, mentally and spiritually).  Make your wife your ideal of beauty.  Don’t make her compete with another’s.
  2. Your Heart: Express yourself.  The idea that men don’t communicate is pop-psyche poppycock!  On average, men may communicate differently than women.  But they do communicate.  You need to tell your wife how you feel about her throughout the day…as well as while you are engaging in sex.  You want her to emote more?  How about you do it first!  In between asking her how it feels and begging her to say your name, tell her how much you love her and how beautiful she is to you.  The best way to grow what we want is to sow what we want.  You go there first and she’ll come along. (Stop it!)
  3. Your Health: We’ll say what she may want to say but doesn’t quite know how.  You are heavy when you are on top of her and your belly, functionally, decreases the amount of your penis that goes inside her.  She loves you anyway.  But this is something you can do something about.  A better diet and some exercise will improve your circulation and stamina allowing you to last longer and be a bit more nimble.  Losing some of your gut can essentially give a man more length (to work with).  Of course, you may need to educate yourself on what exercise impacts your midsection.  Pay attention to this point.  This is truly a quality of life (not just sex) issue for you, your wife and your children.

The reality is that being a better sexual partner to your wife may be a matter of better managing what is well within your power to directly impact: your head, your heart and your health.

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

3 Responses to I Want to Be a Better Lover for My Wife

  1. Mavis McKnight says:

    That was good. I chuckled at the last one because it is so true and most men really honestly aren’t aware of it. It surpised me too that it was one of your tips. I’m glad for it though. For men who don’t read your blog or are not registered with your sight, how would you suggest the wives share this with their husbands?

  2. thepurebed says:

    Thank you, Mavis. I’d recommend a wife tell her husband she’s found this resource that’s helping her learn to be a better lover to him. Then, volunteer to give him the link [to the blog] so that he can check it out so they can talk about it.

    We’ve found that when we own “change” we make it less threatening for our spouse to own it. More often than not, a wife’s interest in better sex will draw her husband’s immediate attention.

  3. This is great! There are so few people who actually talk about healthy married sex! Thanks! I truly believe that the one best asset to having a great sex life is having a relationship that allows you both to talk through anything and everything while maintaining the foundation of trust.

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