Why I Love My Husband!

Why I Love My HusbandIt is good to remember to share with our spouses verbal affirmations of what they mean to us and to celebrate their endearing qualities.  In support of the Happy Wives Club’s first link up party, we at ThePureBed.com have decided to list 10 reasons why we love our husbands.


10. They Help keep the bed warm!

9. They work so hard to build a life for us and take such pride in doing so.

8. They support our dreams as well as pursuing their own.

7. They make such great arm candy!

6. Their strength adds to ours.  We’re better women with them!

5. They are great role models for our children.

4. They see our beauty despite our preoccupation with the cottage cheese and stretch marks.

3. They can be trusted with our hearts.

2. They trust us with their hearts.

1. They love God!

Now, feel free to add your own reasons in the comment section.  And we encourage you to hop on over to our friends over at the Happy Wives Club to read more reasons why we love our husbands.

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4 Responses to Why I Love My Husband!

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  2. Fawn Weaver says:

    My list is already at 65 but I’ll give you the first four :):

    1. He loves me exactly as I am…not for who I may one day become.

    2. He’s honest with me and honest with himself.

    3. He has more integrity in his pinky finger than most people I meet each day.

    4. He rides horses with me even though it’s one of his least favorite things to do (because it’s one of my absolute favorite things to do).

    Thanks for linking up with us and sharing why you love your husband (and why they rock in general).

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