Married Sex: 10 Steps to a More Exciting Romp

Waves crashing

God created sex for marriage.  It is good…when we, as married couples, allow ourselves to experience one another in a spirit of generosity.

Below are 10 steps that married couples can use to progressively heighten arousal and to slowly build anticipation as they make love.

  1. Slow dance together.
  2. Kiss deeply, slowly.
  3. Slowly undress one another.
  4. Take a bubble bath or shower together.
  5. Use a sensuous body oil to give each other an erotic massage.
  6. Take turns kissing each other on every part of one another’s naked bodies.
  7. Commit to doing at least two foreplay activities each.
  8. Use no fewer than 4 sex positions, including 1 you haven’t done before (or in a while).
  9. Make sure to use your hands whenever you can to caress and enhance you mate’s pleasure as you make love.
  10. Talk to each other while you are making love.  Say “I love you.”  Compliment each other.  Describe how it feels, looks or sounds.  Share what you want to give to or receive from your mate, sexually.  Be descriptive!

There are as many variations to the above and other ideas as there are stars.  Try making love in a different room.  Rent a hotel room with a Jacuzzi   Role play.  Play a romantic board game.  Whatever you decide to do, don’t treat sex like a chore.  It is so much more.

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