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banner-coupleMy wife and I were having a discussion on November 24, 2006. We’d just finished our traditional ‘day after Thanksgiving’ shopping for our kids’ Christmas gifts. Our topic was Christians and pornography addiction, and the challenges we were facing in ministering to married couples. As we discussed statistics that point to an addiction rate among men and women within the Body equivalent or exceeding those without, the conversation took a turn…

We began to talk about influences that promote our nations attraction to sexual titillation, a conversation that led us to considering the conundrum of many Christian Believers concerning visiting adult stores. That’s when it occurred to both of us, simultaneously…

“Why not have a store that targets married couples and is free of pornography and a pornographic environment?”

The rest is history. By mid-January 2007, we were online with ThePureBed.com, a married couples intimacy store. The response has been wonderful and encouraging. While there are those who are critical of our efforts or, at least, suspicious, we have been greatly welcomed by so many.

We are NOT a Christian sex toy retailer. While we are Christians (I’m a senior pastor of a church and my wife, a stay-at-home-mom of 5), we understand that a sex toy is a sex toy is a sex toy! Our goal is to enhance sexual intimacy in marriage by providing access to a range of products and information. Sex toys are not the only means to that end. In fact, we would argue (and do) that the best sexual intimacy is the product of what happens in the head and heart.  However, Christian married couples, above all, should be able to enjoy sexual intimacy in ways that are consistent with their faith.

Our products range from votive and jar candles to romantic body oils to erotic board games to dual action vibrators with adjustable speed and rotation! We believe that our faith can inform our choices and lead to passionate creative (as well as procreative) lovemaking.

Our website represents our effort to serve an underserved group, all married couples who avoid pornography but are drawn to creative ways to enhance their sex lives.

Married? Visit us at ThePureBed.com, your married couples intimacy store.

10 Responses to Who and Why We Are

  1. cbgrace says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Michelle says:

    Subject: You have a great blog


    I find your blog, thepurebed.wordpress.com , very informative and interesting. Please continue the great work you’re doing. Is it okay if I link to you? I know that the followers of my site would find your articles helpful like I did. I run a small store, Hieyeglasses.com. It’s not as good as what you have done with your blog, but I’m very proud of it. Before I forget is there by any chance you can link my site too?

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Melissa says:

    I’ve been reading through articles on your site, and many are quite interesting and helpful. There is one problem that I have. (I got through about page 7, so maybe it would be further back and I apologize if I missed it.) But most everything I’ve been reading here seems to assume that the husband is the one that wants sex the most frequently and the woman doesn’t want it as much. I’ve been doing some research about a problem in my marriage where my husband has very little, if any sex drive and I have a very high sex drive. There are numerous problems and reasons for this, but it has created quite a strain on our marriage.

    I think it would be great if such problems could be addressed. I have spoken with many women throughout my search for answers on this subject that have similar issues with their husbands and we all seem very frustrated at the lack of information or help for when the tables are turned. Every article we find anywhere seems to focus on the WOMAN being the one with a low sex drive. (In my case, I’m lucky if my husband wants it once a month– there are no physiological issues and he’s not cheating, so I’m at a loss.)

    Other than that… this site is still a great source for information and I love how frequently you seem to update it. I have it bookmarked and will check back often.

  5. thepurebed says:

    Thank you for the constructive criticism. In the categories Sexual Behavior and Sexual Health, we have several posts which cover the various reasons men suffer from depressed sexual drive. Guts and Ruts, When Masturbation Is Mastering You and More Veggies/Less Viagara are a few such posts.

    However, you correctly point out that we can do a better job of writing for the wives who have a greater sex drive than their husband. In truth, there are times when the mismatched drive is natural and there aren’t necessarilt physical or even mental causes. We will address such situations in a clearer manner forwardgoing. Thank you for reading our blog.

  6. Lee says:

    I also agree with Melissa. I have spoken to many married couples where the wife wanted more, hotter sex and the husband is not interested. Some were intimate before marriage and the sex was wild but once the ceremony was over the wives were left wondering “what happened? what changed?” What does a wife do then? We don’t want to feel like we have to beg our husbands for sex.

  7. I think this is awesome. MAN has perverted Sex. It is not perverted by any means. God never intended it to be that way..It is a gift for the married therefore we should enjoy it.

  8. Kate says:

    Just found your site.
    And PRAISE GOD for you guys!!! 🙂

  9. thepurebed says:

    You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome!

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