Our Intimate Choices Marriage Events


Choices Marriage Experience

Hilton-Woodland Hills, California

January 28-30, 2011
Woodland Hills Hilton in Woodland Hills, California


This year’s experience strives to meet and exceed 2010’s annual event.

This is our annual event to help Christian couples achieve a greater level of intimacy in their marriage and recapture/rekindle a level of passion.

Choices Marriage Experience holds the same promise as every other Choices Marriage Event.  However, this event has a very specific focus to help couples connect the quality of their relational and spiritual intimacy outside of the bedroom with the quality of sexual intimacy in  the bedroom!  And we discuss these issues frankly but reverently.

What’s more, there are no cookie-cutter solutions at our event.  We have defined an event that allows you to go home with a plan to implement change or enhancements to those areas of your marriage and sex life requiring your attention.

We will introduce you to:

1. Principles for identifying areas requiring attention in your marriage
2. Strategies for clarifying and agreeing upon  what specific actions need to be taken
3. How to make sure that you are taking the right actions to bring about desired results
4. What accountability in marriage really means

We will cover biblical principles that guide our choices of sexual behaviors and practices and faciltitate discussions between you and your spouse about enhancing your marital relationship as well as the quality of your sex life.  You won’t be asked to share intimate information with others but will be able to talk to one another in a way that allows you to apply Biblical principles in a practical way.  Let us help you prioritize your marriage again!  And if you ever thought the church doesn’t address/teach positive sexual intimacy enough, we want to change your mind.

3 Responses to Our Intimate Choices Marriage Events

  1. NClovebeds says:

    Any chance of bring it to the East coast sometime?

  2. Anna R says:

    When are you having your next retreat ?

  3. thepurebed says:

    Thank you for your inquiry, Anna.

    We are currently planning small events for the balance of this year. Our next couples’ retreat is tentatively scheduled for summer 2013. Please check back here for scheduling details of all events.

    Alsom follow us on Twitter (@thepurebed) and/or Facebook (ThePureBed) for immediate notifications.

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