How Porn Affects Marriage

Guest post by Mike Taylor

Many couples who report problems in their marriage often point to a poor sex life. When the desire to perform sexually is there but there are emotional barriers to sexual intimacy, it can really strain a marriage. Humans need sex and intimacy—it’s a deep biological condition—so when there Read more of this post

Is Your Attitude Towards Sex Healthy?

How do we gauge the health of our attitude towards sex?

Review this chart that contrasts behaviors native to sexual abuse/addiction versus healthy sexuality. If there is a behavior that concerns or confuses you, talk to an experienced trained professional and/or your pastor or counselor.  How you think about sex significantly effects how you Read more of this post

When Masturbation Is Mastering You!

Compulsive masturbation.   While we are led to believe it typically happens among men (particularly younger men), it can and does occur among women also.   The compulsion is clear by observing certain behaviors in yourself or spouse: Read more of this post

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