Why I Love My Husband!

Why I Love My HusbandIt is good to remember to share with our spouses verbal affirmations of what they mean to us and to celebrate their endearing qualities.  In support of the Happy Wives Club’s first link up party, we at ThePureBed.com have decided to list 10 reasons why we love our husbands. Read more of this post

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You

On behalf of my wife and myself, we hope for you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday for those observe it.  As this year approaches its end, we pray that the remaining days will be filled with love and reward for you and yours.

Thank you for visiting this blog, ThePureBed.com, subscribing to our newsletter, contacting us through email and by phone, registering for our marriage retreat and signing up fo our distributorship.

Your support of us and interactions with us leave us feeling very thankful to God for the rich experience that life has been this year. 

May God’s peace keep you.  May His grace cover you.  Thank you!

Carnell and Angela

Love Out Loud!

How does it feel when a friend, coworker or even unfamiliar person compliments you on your clothes or a physical feature…tastefully?  Do you feel good, desirable, appreciated…noticed?  Are you getting that kind of affirmation?

Are you giving it? Read more of this post

This Hot Piece of Man

Spread out over our bed like the father of continents. Sufferin‘ sons of Saturn…if I ain’t tripped into a marvelous thing!

He’s not perfect…but he’s perfect for me. Kisses like soft quilt blankets wrapped carefully around my Read more of this post

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