Don’t Blame A Bad Marriage on Children

How does the jingle go?

First comes the kiss
Then comes the marriage
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage

Then comes the 67 percent decline in marital satisfaction says one study of married couples with children. Over the years, studies have consistently born out what many of you suspect and observe…that the addition of a Read more of this post

Don’t Knock Unless The House Is On Fire!

Young black couple 458XSmallKeeping the ‘love’ alive or ‘finding time for romance’ are the challenges of many-a-couple who are nurturing young children and have hectic lives.  While the soccer practice, play-date, family-time regiment seems noble and natural in the course of family, there is an insidious and gradual diminution of the priority of the relationship between mom and dad.  In other words, mom and dad gradually forget about being Read more of this post

New Mom at 66, Dead at 69!

Sixty-six year old, Maria del Carmen Bousada of Spain gave birth to twins in December of 2006, one week before her 67th birthday.  She died July 11 of stomach cancer.  She was 69 years old.  The belief is that a nephew will become custodian of the two year old twins.

Question: Was her choice to have children at this late age a Read more of this post

Happily Never After

According to a study published by the Parents Television Council, major network prime-time scenes depicting sex between unmarried people outnumbered depictions of marital sex at a ratio of Read more of this post

Tired of Conflict

If there is a top ten list of topics of argument for married couples, there is no doubt that money, sex and time share places at the top!  You may be surprised to read me saying to you that Read more of this post

Tips for Time Challenged Lovers

First comes love…then comes marriage…then comes the baby(ies) in the baby carriage(s).  And shortly afterward, the robust romantic life breaks down into a forced 10 minute interlude 2.1 times per week for the next couple of decades.  Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!   Time’s just not on our side. Read more of this post

Sexual Response Post Pregnancy!

We have corresponded with so many women who’ve had children and are experiencing a significant decline in their desire for and enjoyment of sex.  Is there a relationship between post-pregnancy and libido?  Where does the passion flame go? Read more of this post

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