Sex: A Love Offering

Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. I Corinthians 7:3 (King James Version of the Holy Bible)


You do know that Apostle Paul is talking about sex in I Corinthians 7:3, don’t you?  He is making the point that a Read more of this post

Choices Marriage Event (January 28-30, 2011)

Who is this for?  Married Christian couples
Where is this? Woodland Hills, California (Southern California just west of Burbank)
What is the cost? $125 per couple (Hotel accommodations and meals arranged by attendees)

For more information, click here.

As we quickly approach the 2011 CME experience, we are excited about the prospect of inspiring and equipping another class of married couples to experience intimacy on another level and to help them to bring into clearer focus a vision for their marriage.

Couples who come to us are Read more of this post

The Question of Submission in Marriage-Part I

Love and Marriage

Marriage and Submission

Submit.  The overall perception of this term as it applies in marriage tends to produce a negative reaction in too many of us.  In these more liberal times, even Christians try to negotiate their way out of having submission be a feature in their marriages.  Of what are we afraid?  What is it that we fear about submission? Read more of this post

Christian Marriage

What is marriage to  a Christian?  Why would a Christian’s view of marriage differ from anyone else’s?

Here’s why… Read more of this post

Marital Intimacy: Candy, Songs, Candlelight and Sex

I read a great line on the dust cover of a book.  Intimacy is not technique.

It isn’t exactly a profound statement.  Then again, many of the important truths in our lives don’t sound particularly deep when we say them.  For instance, all that glitters is not goldis an old adage.  No reasonable person will argue with its accuracy and no-one would swoon at the hearing of it.  It is a basic truth.  Things that look good to us aren’t automatically good for us…or of inherent value.  However, knowing this truth, many of us buy cars, choose mates and clothes that look good but are not what we need.

So back to intimacy is not technique.  I shake my head that even, as women, many of us often Read more of this post

Christian Couples Marriage Retreat

palms lake view

Retreat site: Pacific Palms Resort

The early registration deadline for the Our Intimate Choices Marriage Retreat is fast approaching (Nov. 30).

This year’s retreat is in Southern California.  Future retreats are being considered for Texas and Canada.  The dates and exact locations are yet to be determined.

This retreat is a unique experience for married Christian couples.  We expose the wealth of information that the Bible provides as guidance for a healthy and fulfilling sex life. 

Beyond the platitudes that sex is special and for marriage, OIC will show couples how scriptural principles speak to our common (and not so common) sexual challenges and questions: mismatched libido, withholding sex, managing sexual dysfunction, pornography, depressed sex drive, sexual selflessness vs. selfishness, body image and more.  OIC will speak to the variety of sexual acts about which Christian couples seem to have so many questions: oral sex, anal sex, spanking, fetish, sex toy usage, fantasy and role play and other questions and concerns as anonymously submitted by attendees. 

Attendees will also have an opportunity to meet with my wife and I privately to get advice and guidance on specific issues and concerns.

This January weekend will be a time of renewal and restoration for many.  We plan to also have products available for purchase at a discount and prize giveaways including free night’s stay at the resort, free spa treatments and more.

Visit for more information and to register.  Don’t forget to reserve your resort room!

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Free e-Booklet: Christian Sex Ethics

Download our free electronic booklet, Christian Sex Ethics, from The Pure Bed Married Couples Sex Series. This is a gift from us to you to start this grand new year.

Christian Sex Ethics

Christian Sex Ethics

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Husbands Becoming Better lovers!

The struggle for couples to find their sexual stride and work cooperatively to achieve sexual fulfillment can be challenging.  Sexual compatibility is made more difficult when Read more of this post

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