A “Mind Blowing” Orgasm?

Wives, have you seen the magazine covers that invite you to follow a few easy steps to a “mind blowing orgasm”?  Have you been tempted to buy a book that carried that same promise?  What are your assumptions about orgasm? 

The reality is that the female orgasm Read more of this post


No, it’s not a rock band!  No, it’s not the name of your niece’s 4th daughter!   No, it’s not a new hybrid orchid.  Stop it!

Anorgasmia is Read more of this post

Orgasm: How You Get Her There…

All women are not equal!  Calm down.  What I mean to say is Read more of this post

But Is It Special?

Orgasm is sweet violence.  A thrashing body, muscular contractions, perspiration, rapid shallow breathing and a wash of happy hormones bring the individual to ecstasy.  And he or she lies spent.  But was it special? Read more of this post

Wives: Achieving Orgasm

The most frequently voiced frustration for us is that of wives who cannot achieve orgasm consistently.  We thought to share a few techniques to spark your own imagination and help you and dear husband know the ‘O’!  Let us begin. Read more of this post

Resolving Premature Ejaculation

So it’s over before it really even started?  Bummer!  All is not lost.  Assuming your control issues are not promoted by medications (antidepressants, etc.) or some other physiological issue, there are strategies to help a husband control his ejaculatory process.  Let’s call it the start and stop method. Read more of this post

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