3 Powerful Questions Spouses Ask Each Other

Inattention and disaffection are crippling to a marriage.  Becoming “one flesh” is complicated by the exponential growth of responsibility over the years of our marriages.  Before long, the urgent crowds out the important and our marriage relationship takes backseat to marriage business.

What follows are three questions that may Read more of this post

8 Things Wise Husbands Learn

Wisdom is more than knowledge.  It is, in part, knowing when and how to apply what we know as well as what to do to remedy our ignorance.  And marriage WILL expose our ignorances.  Thus, to help new husbands, men aspiring to wed and husbands who understand the importance of remaining teachable…we offer these 8 things that wise husbands learn.

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Marriage: Free Help with Communication

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Have you had some issues in your marriage with which you and your mate struggle continuously?  Have you felt like it was difficult to have a substantive conversation because one or both of you got defensive, shut down or struggled to understand the other’s perspective?

What about your sex life?  Are there things you’d like to discuss but don’t know how to bring them up or explain them in a way that is constructive?  There is a FREE Read more of this post

You’re Afraid of Being Judged By Your Spouse!

A Grand Kiss“I want to tell him what I want during sex…but I don’t know how!”  “I’d like to tell her I want to do this…but I don’t know how!”

Is it that you don’t know how to share your needs and desires OR is it that you ‘re concerned that your spouse may see you as being kinky or somehow abhorrent for your thoughts and desires?

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Glowing Together While Growing Apart-Part III

“I’m making important changes.  Why can’t  he(she)?”

Exasperated and desperate, many of us are looking for change.  We are willing to make meaningful change within ourselves.  Yet, we feel shorted when our spouse does not reciprocate by responding to OUR need for them to make similar changes.

My mother-in-law told me outright during my wife’s and my engagement, “I’ve raised her already.  Don’t you go try doing it again!

Wiser words have seldom been spoken.  Growing together as a couple is not Read more of this post

Glowing Together While Growing Apart-Part I

Newlyweds!  Remember hearing your names said together for the first time, ” I present to you, Mr. and Mrs…”   Remember everyone commenting on how great you two looked together, how in love you appeared.

Marriage brings on multiplied responsibilities.  Marriage with kids sees our responsibilities exponentially multiplied.  And the fresh smell of new marriage can grow musty and stale…even rank!

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5 Practices of Successful Marriages

Couple in FieldSo you say you want to rekindle the flame? Are you looking to jumpstart a marriage that’s fallen into a bit of a rut? Are you concerned that your relationship has taken backseat to the other aspects of your life?  Here are 5 basic practices common to marriages marked by mutual fulfillment, joy, passion and commitment over the long term.

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It Isn’t Sex That She’s Avoiding…


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It isn’t sex that’s she’s avoiding [what the title said].  It’s you!

You are Read more of this post

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