Energizing Your Sex Life

Energizing Your Sex Life

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The bad rap on marriage is that wedded couples experience diminished quantity and quality.  Whether it is the familiarity couples enjoy with one another, the rigors of our daily lives or a combination of these and other factors, the reality is that sex can get routine and less fulfilling without some proaction.  We recommend 3 areas that can Read more of this post

10 Ways to Revolutionize Your Marriage This Year

You know what a resolution for the new year is?  It is an acknowledgement for a need to change.  And since it comes in the form of a resolution, it is also a tacit admission that the change may be difficult.

Are you resolved to see improvements in your marriage?  Here are 10 areas of focus to make this a Read more of this post

Become Delicious!

Remember the first line from the Toys ‘R Us jingle: I don’t want to grow up

BecCHOCOLATE BODY TATTOO KIToming an adult, getting married and having children propel us into a life of responsibilities.  We have to get serious, be thoughtful and plan for the future.  Rare is the occasion at which we can revisit the playfulness of childhood when creativity meant abandoning convention.  Making a mess wasn’t looked upon fretfully because our first thought wasn’t who’s going to clean that up?

Sexual intimacy is Read more of this post

Low Cost Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

HeartsValentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a budget buster, come with diamonds or stress us out!  Seriously, the day is about love and committed people being together and celebrating their love.  We describe four low cost or no cost ideas for getting in some quality time on or around Valentine’s Day.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please reply with your ideas. Read more of this post

Married Sex: Sex Trade

Maybe the simpler way would be to perform oral sex on my spouse if they perform oral sex on me.  It certainly absolves us of having to figure out if each is making an equal contribution.  Or does it?  Trade-offs  (I’ll do this if you’ll do that) may seem equal and fair.  In practice, each partner is prone to rule out anything that makes him or her uptight.   It is the way of things. Read more of this post


How long is normal?  …for making love… Read more of this post

Married Sex: Getting To Know You

How much do you think you know about your husband or wife as a lover? Read more of this post

Fun Sex Is Good Sex!

A challenge many loving married couples encounter is that of expressing their desire for one another in a manner that promotes passionate physical intimacy. Certainly, years of marriage and caring for children produces a familiarity that dulls the senses couples once had toward each other. While we acknowledge there are many aspects of intimacy, emotion, mental, and spiritual, we’d like to spend a little time dealing with the physical aspect. Read more of this post

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