Do you know about frottage ?  We may more commonly know it as dry humping…though it may not be altogether dry!

Basically, frottage or dry humping is grinding the vulva against some part of husband’s body for stimulation. Rubbing on or humping his thigh, his pubic bone, or even his tailbone (horse back ride) can be a stimulating exercise. 

If wife has an extremely sensitive clitoris, she may especially appreciate the indirect stimulation.   Clothes on or off, a good time can be had.  Frottage.

Married Sex: Sizzle to Fizzle?

Like the marriage itself, the sex life of a married couple is organic. Our interactions begin one way and often end having gone through a series of trials, changes, events. Over the course of our marriages, the priority of sex may be downgraded. Alone, this is not necessarily a negative occurrence. The challenge is that intimacy may fall victim to routine. In other words, we may go from sizzle to fizzle with no intervention by either spouse. How do you know when you’re married sex has lost its…humph? Ask yourself the following questions: Read more of this post

Wives: What To Do When On Top

Some (perhaps you) may be wondering ‘what in the world do I do when I’m on top‘.

The issues are how to move, what to do with the hands, how to know what’s working, and how to get pleasure as well as give.  Well ladies, I will say I think that woman on top (WOT) can be one of a wife’s favorite when done well.

Why?  With WOT, we control: Read more of this post

Wives: Achieving Orgasm

The most frequently voiced frustration for us is that of wives who cannot achieve orgasm consistently.  We thought to share a few techniques to spark your own imagination and help you and dear husband know the ‘O’!  Let us begin. Read more of this post

Yes, I Like It, Sam-I-Am!

I am Sam
I am Sam
Sam I am

That Sam-I-am!
That Sam-I-am!
I really like
that Sam-I-am!

Do you like
good foreplay, ma’am? Read more of this post

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