Energizing Your Sex Life

Energizing Your Sex Life

Image by Łukasz Strachanowski via Flickr

The bad rap on marriage is that wedded couples experience diminished quantity and quality.  Whether it is the familiarity couples enjoy with one another, the rigors of our daily lives or a combination of these and other factors, the reality is that sex can get routine and less fulfilling without some proaction.  We recommend 3 areas that can Read more of this post

You’re Afraid of Being Judged By Your Spouse!

A Grand Kiss“I want to tell him what I want during sex…but I don’t know how!”  “I’d like to tell her I want to do this…but I don’t know how!”

Is it that you don’t know how to share your needs and desires OR is it that you ‘re concerned that your spouse may see you as being kinky or somehow abhorrent for your thoughts and desires?

Are you afraid of being judged by your spouse? Read more of this post

Make It Happen! When She Does and He Doesn’t

Anecdotal, the number of women decrying their husband’s sex drive is increasingly public and desperate.  Raging against popular perceptions of stereotypical gender attitudes toward sex, many wives are saying ‘he has what I want and he’s not sharing!’  What’s up with that? Read more of this post

Tragic Magic: A Distortion of Beauty (See Video)

The woman in the video below is pretty…from the outset of the video.  However, the after-effects of her ‘transformation is all we tend to see projected before us.  What gets her to this place of being ‘gorgeous’ remains and unacknowledged/unknown quantity to so many.  In our chase for the ‘gorgeous’, we may have discounted the real nature of beauty. Read more of this post

Wearing Red May Boost Sex Appeal

An excerpt from a Health article at CNN.com.  Read the entire article here.

Does wearing the color red give you a sexual edge? Maybe, according to a new study, which found that men find women Read more of this post

Orgasm: How You Get Her There…

All women are not equal!  Calm down.  What I mean to say is Read more of this post

Transparency In The Moment

So you’re planting little kisses on hubby’s torso and you’ve just just begun to kiss his belly…when he tries to push your Read more of this post

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

We, adults, know that the most direct way to get what you want is to ask for it.  Of course, the way you ask matters.  This truth applies to sex also you know? Read more of this post

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