Foreplay: The Power of Touch

We’ve posted previously about the benefits of sensory deprivation.  Removing the use of one sense tends to heighten the sensitivity of the remaining ones.  We can use this to intensify our spouse’s arousal (or they of us).


Use an old silk scarf or Read more of this post

Marital Intimacy: Candy, Songs, Candlelight and Sex

I read a great line on the dust cover of a book.  Intimacy is not technique.

It isn’t exactly a profound statement.  Then again, many of the important truths in our lives don’t sound particularly deep when we say them.  For instance, all that glitters is not goldis an old adage.  No reasonable person will argue with its accuracy and no-one would swoon at the hearing of it.  It is a basic truth.  Things that look good to us aren’t automatically good for us…or of inherent value.  However, knowing this truth, many of us buy cars, choose mates and clothes that look good but are not what we need.

So back to intimacy is not technique.  I shake my head that even, as women, many of us often Read more of this post

Anatomy of An Erotic Bath

He gathers each item necessary to prepare a romantic and exhilarating bathing experience for his wife. To communicate her value to him, he’s avoided using common things on her this night. He has purchased a Read more of this post

Married Sex: Getting To Know You

How much do you think you know about your husband or wife as a lover? Read more of this post

Take Me In The Field

Would you or have you and DH made love outside of the confines of your home…other than a hotel room? (This assumes the place, while public, provided some measure of discretion.) Read more of this post

What’s The Secret To A Good Sensuous Kiss?

 I know what it is not.   It’s not: Read more of this post

A Wife’s Guide to Talking During Sex

There are definitely things you don’t want to say during sex:
Are you trying to be funny?

Is that smell coming from you?

Haven’t you ever done this before?

Just use your finger, it’s bigger.

But many of us find it difficult to say anything during sex.  It feels awkward or contrived.  Yet, talking sexy before, during, and after intercourse is an erotic element that enhances the overall experience for both spouses. Read more of this post

117 Verses of Erotic ‘Song”

One hundred and seventeen verses of progressive, monogamous, creative and erotic marital intimacy.  Eight chapters of 1 love between 2 souls with deep poetic expression.  Song of Songs…Song of Solomon. Read more of this post

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