February 14: The Story of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day countdown

Valentine’s Day Countdown (Photo credit: Julie K)

On Thursday, Feb. 14, think of a man.  He was a young priest, wholly committed to his faith in Christ.  When it was declared by the state that soldiers could not marry, he performed their weddings secretly.  Once discovered, he was  Read more of this post

An Adolescent View of Adult Relations

The Rand Corporation, a non-profit think tank, conducted an analysis on Adolescent Relationships as Precursors of Healthy Adult  Marriages.  If you get an opportunity, download the free PDF which comes in full or summary version. What most interests us is the network of influences on our perceptions of relationships and expectations of our future.  Ethnicity, economic conditions and environment are broad predictors of future relationship behaviors.  However, as parents we should appreciate how manageable many influences are that lead to the development of our children’s perspectives of romance, love and marriage.  While we can’t control the outcomes of their lives, we believe that we can nurture them toward a healthy understanding of what healthy intimate relationships look like as well as what their roles must or can be in those relationships. 

Here are a few of the conditions Read more of this post

Christian Marriage

What is marriage to  a Christian?  Why would a Christian’s view of marriage differ from anyone else’s?

Here’s why… Read more of this post

Marriage and Sex Podcasts

As a result of the success of our blog and newsletter, we are testing the response of our visitors to podcasts on marriage and sexual intimacy.

LoveNotes.ThePureBed.com will become a growing library of topical podcasts about all of the issues in this blog, our newsletter, in our Januray Marriage Retreat, on our site and more…

We hope you will visit and even comment on the podcasts as we develop and publish them.  We are not professional and our production is fairly crude but we are excited that the content will progressively overwhelm the presentation!

I Touch Myself: Christians and Masturbation

The following outlines a counter thought to the belief in the Christian community that masturbation is an offense against God or healthy sexuality for people of faith. Read more of this post

When Love Is Not Enough…

The song says “all you need is love.”  Well, love is essential to a strong healthyspouse marriage.  But is it really enough? Read more of this post

Libido: And She Prays To God It Comes Back!

As a stay-at-home mom and pastor’s wife, I have struggled with depressed sex drive at times in the past.  Child birth, changing or increasing life demands, normal stress, weight gain, weight loss, change of diet and other things all played a part in a depressed libido or low sex drive.  To regain my appetite, I’ve prayed and more… Read more of this post

Husbands Talk!

Our group at Husbands.ThePureBed.com is growing! Read more of this post

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