I Want to Be a Better Lover for My Wife

ImageSo you really want to be a better lover to your wife?  This is a noble aspiration and one that all husbands should share.  people get better at money management and parenting.  In fact, people are constantly looking for ways to improve in and get more out of most areas of their lives.  Why not get better at sex?

The challenge is where do you start, dear husband.  Well, we believe there are three areas that should get his immediate attention: Read more of this post

Who’s In My Bed?

It’s just the two of you.  As Christian believers, we mustn’t compromise the principal purpose of sexual intimacy in marriage nor the demands of God on such.  From Genesis forward, it is clear that the ‘one flesh’ principle translates into the exclusive union of one man and one woman in matrimony.  Yet, many Christians struggle with keeping to this principle. Read more of this post

Communicating Boundaries

Husbands and wives must agree on the rules and boundaries of their sexual activity. It is destructive to ‘guilt’ or to coerce your spouse into sexual activities to which they are opposed or that cause them discomfort. However, sex is best when each spouse is selfless. Each lover must proactively seek to please the other. Read more of this post

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