A Stronger Marriage in 2011: 3 Simple Ways

Laughing couple.

Loving couple.

As we prepare to enter a new year, many ponder what changes can be made to make their lives better.  As we blog about marriage and sexual intimacy here at The Pure Bed’s Blog, we want to briefly review three areas where moderate investment can yield great gain.  These three areas are Read more of this post

Marriage: Free Help with Communication

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Have you had some issues in your marriage with which you and your mate struggle continuously?  Have you felt like it was difficult to have a substantive conversation because one or both of you got defensive, shut down or struggled to understand the other’s perspective?

What about your sex life?  Are there things you’d like to discuss but don’t know how to bring them up or explain them in a way that is constructive?  There is a FREE Read more of this post

5 Statements That Reveal Serious Problems In Marriage

Over the years, we’ve heard some common complaints.  Typically made in exasperation, the statements themselves may be as telling of the problems as the description of circumstances surrounding them.

While not always the case, the 5 statements below often point to a need for action on the speaker’s part.

Statement 1: I thought he or she would change after Read more of this post

Glowing Together While Growing Apart-Part II

Riding the high!

That’s what we are doing when the energy of our marital relationship rests on the Read more of this post

Diffusing Words: “I’m Sorry”

How do you break the impasse?  How do you press beyond the juvenile instinct to ‘shutdown’ and not engage your spouse concerning a contentious issue, after a perceived offense or volatile disagreements?  How do you recover when you’ve shared harsh words, made serious allegations or questioned one another’s competence or virtue?

You just do it! Read more of this post

The Other Sex Talk

Talk to me!Situation: You’d love to tell your husband or wife the way you feel about your sex life or about that thing they do during lovemaking that drives you nuts, but their too sensitive to take your feedback constructively. If you are honest with them, they are going to get defensive. It’s happened before.Question: So, what do you do? Tell them the truth and have them blow up or shut down? Or, keep it in and suffer silently?

Answer: Read more of this post

Ten Things To Know About Behaviors in Marriage

A few years ago, we came across these ten things to know about our behaviors in marriage.  We’ve found them to be fairly foundational.  We believe you will also. Read more of this post

I’ll Do It Live!

“I’ll do it live!”  That’s what Bill O’Reilly said repeatedly in that very funny (tragic) archive video from his Inside Edition days.  He was flustered at not being able to get his lines right in a finishing segment of the show in which he was to introduce sting as the exit to the episode.  “I’ll do it Live..”, he screamed.  “[expletive], I’ll do it live!”  Bill demonstrates a life lesson for married couples. Read more of this post

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