I Want to Be a Better Lover for My Wife

ImageSo you really want to be a better lover to your wife?  This is a noble aspiration and one that all husbands should share.  people get better at money management and parenting.  In fact, people are constantly looking for ways to improve in and get more out of most areas of their lives.  Why not get better at sex?

The challenge is where do you start, dear husband.  Well, we believe there are three areas that should get his immediate attention: Read more of this post

Size Matters

Does Penis Size Really Matter

The Measure of a Man?

In matters of sexual adequacy, penis size gets a lot of press and is a popular subject for both women’s and men’s magazines, newspapers and late night television ads. And while a sexually dysfunctional society reinforces the notion of male adequacy as measured by the size of his penis, there are Read more of this post

Testicular Pain: Frank Talk About The Beans


Pool Balls

The male testicle is a sensitive organ.  While sexual manipulation can be pleasing, careless casual contact can be uncomfortable and even somewhat painful.  Wives must handle ‘the beans’ with care.

If a man has persistent or prolonged testicular pain, it can be a sign of Read more of this post

Uterine Fibroids

What are they?
Uterine fibroids, noncancerous growths of the Read more of this post

Tap the Fat and Ride the Wave?

Weight gain.  This is an enormously sensitive and, possibly, painful occurence in many marriages.   You married them at 120 lbs.  Now they’re 220 lbs.  It’s not just the gain.  It’s the way you feel about it.  The problem is how you both feel about it.  How are you suppose to feel about it?! Read more of this post

More Veggies, Fewer Viagara?

Junk food is not good for your sexual response system.  Fatty foods are empty calories that may limit testosterone production. Read more of this post

Prostate: Protect Your Magic Spot

I was hanging out at the National Cancer Institute, a subsidiary agency of the National Institute of Health.  Okay…so I wasn’t actually there.  I visited their website, NIH.Gov.  As a man, I found the following information valuable.  I’m at a point in life where men no longer think they are going to live forever.  In fact, I’m certain I will not live forever, not on this side.  It’s time for me to take my prostate more seriously! Read more of this post

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