My Woo-hoo Hurts!

When he penetrates, it hurts.  Why?

Many dear wives experience pain during intercourse and are not sure whether there is a problem that requires medical attention, if there woo-hoos are Read more of this post


No, it’s not a rock band!  No, it’s not the name of your niece’s 4th daughter!   No, it’s not a new hybrid orchid.  Stop it!

Anorgasmia is Read more of this post

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

We, adults, know that the most direct way to get what you want is to ask for it.  Of course, the way you ask matters.  This truth applies to sex also you know? Read more of this post


Do you know about frottage ?  We may more commonly know it as dry humping…though it may not be altogether dry!

Basically, frottage or dry humping is grinding the vulva against some part of husband’s body for stimulation. Rubbing on or humping his thigh, his pubic bone, or even his tailbone (horse back ride) can be a stimulating exercise. 

If wife has an extremely sensitive clitoris, she may especially appreciate the indirect stimulation.   Clothes on or off, a good time can be had.  Frottage.

Married Sex: Sex Trade

Maybe the simpler way would be to perform oral sex on my spouse if they perform oral sex on me.  It certainly absolves us of having to figure out if each is making an equal contribution.  Or does it?  Trade-offs  (I’ll do this if you’ll do that) may seem equal and fair.  In practice, each partner is prone to rule out anything that makes him or her uptight.   It is the way of things. Read more of this post


How long is normal?  …for making love… Read more of this post

Married Sex: Sexual Inhibitions Part III


This is the last of a three part series.  We’d like to share some strategies for dealing with sexually inhibited, introverted or repressed spouses.  And we doRead more of this post

Wives: What To Do When On Top

Some (perhaps you) may be wondering ‘what in the world do I do when I’m on top‘.

The issues are how to move, what to do with the hands, how to know what’s working, and how to get pleasure as well as give.  Well ladies, I will say I think that woman on top (WOT) can be one of a wife’s favorite when done well.

Why?  With WOT, we control: Read more of this post

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