The Tongue: The Gap Between Exercise and Ecstasy

The tongue is a masterful lover’s greatest tool…well, perhaps their next greatest tool.   Read more of this post

What’s The Secret To A Good Sensuous Kiss?

 I know what it is not.   It’s not: Read more of this post

Him Being Into Me?

We celebrate the ideal of sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.  We believe God’s divine design would have it as such.  We also acknowledge there is a fair level of sexual dysfunction within marriage, partly as a result of errant messages about sexuality in commonly available media (TV, films, magazines, novels, etc.).

We’ve sought to capture the female perspective to get a better sense of how gender perceives the role of intimacy.  Do you think we have a it right? Read more of this post

A Touch of Love

Nonsexual touch is an important experience in the life of a marriage.  What is nonsexual touch?  Well…it is touch that is not aimed at leading to sexual arousal or intercourse.  It is touch that is incidental, spontaneous and devoid of agenda…other than showing genuine affection and concern. Read more of this post

Intimacy: Kissing

Do you feel as though you get enough smooches from your spouse? Do you get them long and wet, soft and sensuous or rarely and barely? How important is romantic kissing to you? Read more of this post

Intimacy: Sensual Body Exploration

Married Couple

Married Couple Kissing

Exploration of each other’s body can be a very erotic arousing ‘event’. We often think of foreplay in narrow terms (i.e. oral sex, kissing, caressing, etc.). Foreplay can be as brief or as involved as time, attention, and energy allow. While open to modification and personalization, the following would be a basic example of this sexual foreplay technique. Read more of this post

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