Oral Notes

Ever tell your child you really like something they’ve done?  Ever fawn over a cute song they’ve song or the like?  You know what happens.  All of a sudden they’re like ‘Mommy, look!’  They’re repeating the action night and day, ad nauseumHey kid!  Enough already! 

Let’s you and I talk getting better cunnilingus. Read more of this post

Intimacy: Sensual Body Exploration

Married Couple

Married Couple Kissing

Exploration of each other’s body can be a very erotic arousing ‘event’. We often think of foreplay in narrow terms (i.e. oral sex, kissing, caressing, etc.). Foreplay can be as brief or as involved as time, attention, and energy allow. While open to modification and personalization, the following would be a basic example of this sexual foreplay technique. Read more of this post

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