Glowing Together While Growing Apart-Part II

Riding the high!

That’s what we are doing when the energy of our marital relationship rests on the Read more of this post

When Love Is Not Enough…

The song says “all you need is love.”  Well, love is essential to a strong healthyspouse marriage.  But is it really enough? Read more of this post

What Would the Child You Were Think of The Adult You’ve Become?

I read this question in a discussion forum.  It was submitted by another blogger.  I didn’t even open the topic.  The question itself is powerful and inspires, at least, a moment of circumspection.

How would you answer the question?  Here’s how a few others answered it! Read more of this post

Marriage: Making The Whole Better

According to the National Marriage Project out of Rutgers University (2004), there are a number of factors that lend to a decrease in the likelihood of divorce during the first ten years of marriage. Read more of this post

To Be A Better Man!

When I want to be a better man: Read more of this post

Righteously and Defiantly Sexy!

I rip the tags off the mattresses at my house.  You know…the ones that say I’ll be fined if I do that!  Then, I call 911 from a pay phone and taunt them about my crime.  “Na-na-nana-na…you’ll never catch me!”  Okay, not really! Read more of this post

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