Sex: A Love Offering

Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. I Corinthians 7:3 (King James Version of the Holy Bible)


You do know that Apostle Paul is talking about sex in I Corinthians 7:3, don’t you?  He is making the point that a Read more of this post

Orgasm: How You Get Her There…

All women are not equal!  Calm down.  What I mean to say is Read more of this post

Bedtime Routines

In support of your resolution to improve or enhance your love life this year, we will make recommendations for simple changes in practice or behavior that may increase your opportunities for success.

Consistent with our commitment, we would like to call your attention to your bedtime routine.  Most often, spouses are making love in the evening before bed.  The reasons for doing so are Read more of this post

But Is It Special?

Orgasm is sweet violence.  A thrashing body, muscular contractions, perspiration, rapid shallow breathing and a wash of happy hormones bring the individual to ecstasy.  And he or she lies spent.  But was it special? Read more of this post

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