Foreplay: The Power of Touch

We’ve posted previously about the benefits of sensory deprivation.  Removing the use of one sense tends to heighten the sensitivity of the remaining ones.  We can use this to intensify our spouse’s arousal (or they of us).


Use an old silk scarf or Read more of this post

Lust: Fantasy and Fact

Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.Matthew 5:27, 28

These grave words of Christ, intended to make us free may have made many of us fearful.  And acting out of fear, we may be distancing ourselves evermore from the freedom God intended.  Sexual desire is not a bad thing!

Greg walks out of the tall skyscraper onto a quad bustling with people.   Looking for an available space near a water feature, he spies a spot on the grass next to a beautiful reflection pool.  As he collapses on the grassy knoll to settle in, eat his lunch and read the paper, her long legs come into view.  Instantly Read more of this post

Glowing Together While Growing Apart-Part III

“I’m making important changes.  Why can’t  he(she)?”

Exasperated and desperate, many of us are looking for change.  We are willing to make meaningful change within ourselves.  Yet, we feel shorted when our spouse does not reciprocate by responding to OUR need for them to make similar changes.

My mother-in-law told me outright during my wife’s and my engagement, “I’ve raised her already.  Don’t you go try doing it again!

Wiser words have seldom been spoken.  Growing together as a couple is not Read more of this post

Free Electronic Book Giveaway!

As appreciation for being a blog visitor and/or TPB customer, we are going to give you a special gift…ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It is the latest book by our friends, Robert & Susan Irwin.

Appearing on television, radio and in printed media, Robert & Susan have spent over a decade helping married Christian couples to improve their married sex lives.

Their books are some of the most popular Christian sex guides available anywhere.

They have just finished up a new, big book (over 200 pages) and it is filled with answers to, just about, every question you might have about how to improve YOUR married sex life.

Even better, because Robert owes me a favor, I talked him into offering our supporters a copy for the very low price of…FREE!

It is titled… Read more of this post

It Isn’t Sex That She’s Avoiding…


Hug (Photo credit: Cliph)

It isn’t sex that’s she’s avoiding [what the title said].  It’s you!

You are Read more of this post

Snuggle Time?


There are appropriate times for everything, including cuddling, kissing…whatever.  Learning to recognize those times…  Actually, recognizing when it is NOT those times is as much a sign of emotional maturity as it is beneficial to maintaining the peace…and getting a piece. later!


Do you know about frottage ?  We may more commonly know it as dry humping…though it may not be altogether dry!

Basically, frottage or dry humping is grinding the vulva against some part of husband’s body for stimulation. Rubbing on or humping his thigh, his pubic bone, or even his tailbone (horse back ride) can be a stimulating exercise. 

If wife has an extremely sensitive clitoris, she may especially appreciate the indirect stimulation.   Clothes on or off, a good time can be had.  Frottage.

Hat, Coat and Ego Please…

For a great number of us, checking our ego at the door is difficult when it comes to sex.   Often taking our cues from the media reinforced(pornography influenced) male sexual persona as domineering, we think of sex with our wives in terms of conquest.   A woman gagging on our Read more of this post

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