Date Smart

The Dating GameDating can be difficult.  You have some sense of what you need and want but, often, can’t seem to find enough in a prospective mate to get you to the altar.

Your challenge is to 1.) determine whether your ideals for a mate are realistic and yet 2.) discipline yourself so that you don’t settle for something less than what will fulfill you.  We give you (5) gender-neutral tips to help singles date smarter!

1. Be at Read more of this post

Falling Out of Love

“I don’t love you like that anymore.  I’ve fallen out of love with you.”  A short time later, papers to dissolve the marriage are served.  Divorce.  No.  This is too convenient!  What are we really saying when we declare we’ve “fallen out of love”? Read more of this post

8 Things Wise Husbands Learn

Wisdom is more than knowledge.  It is, in part, knowing when and how to apply what we know as well as what to do to remedy our ignorance.  And marriage WILL expose our ignorances.  Thus, to help new husbands, men aspiring to wed and husbands who understand the importance of remaining teachable…we offer these 8 things that wise husbands learn.

In no particular order, a wise husband learns: Read more of this post

Christian Marriage

What is marriage to  a Christian?  Why would a Christian’s view of marriage differ from anyone else’s?

Here’s why… Read more of this post

And The Worst Lovers Are? polled 15000 women from 20 countries asking them to rate the sexual abilities of men from varying countries.  They were also asked to explain their answers.  The results? Read more of this post

Don’t Knock Unless The House Is On Fire!

Young black couple 458XSmallKeeping the ‘love’ alive or ‘finding time for romance’ are the challenges of many-a-couple who are nurturing young children and have hectic lives.  While the soccer practice, play-date, family-time regiment seems noble and natural in the course of family, there is an insidious and gradual diminution of the priority of the relationship between mom and dad.  In other words, mom and dad gradually forget about being Read more of this post

When Sex Leaves The Marriage

By By Tara Parker-Pope (New York Times)
Published: June 3, 2009
Relationship researchers are studying no-sex marriages for clues on what can go wrong in relationships. Read more of this post

Durable Young Love

An older couple are driving down the highway when another car passed them.

The woman notices the occupants of the other car are young and obviously in love. The girl is sitting very close to her boyfriend as they cruise down the highway.

This causes the woman to think back to when she and her husband were young and in love, and wondering where the show of affection had disappeared to over the years.

Finally she says to her husband, “Remember when we used to be like that young couple? Where did the love go, honey?” He quietly replied, “I haven’t moved….”

The moral of this story is that there is a phase in marriage when a couple grows dull to the depth and special quality of their relationship. The durability and sustainability of it may even come into question. It is worth remembering that all that ever made your marriage work still exists. You must recognize the best qualities again. They are in you. They ARE you.

Take a walk in the park, go bike riding through the neighborhood, kick your shoes off and walk along the beach or lakefront, go to a museum together, see a play together, watch the river flow while beneath a shady tree together…light some candles, play soft music and cook a meal together. All that ever made your marriage work still exists. You must recognize the best qualities again. They are in you. They ARE you.

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