Lust: Fantasy and Fact

Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.Matthew 5:27, 28

These grave words of Christ, intended to make us free may have made many of us fearful.  And acting out of fear, we may be distancing ourselves evermore from the freedom God intended.  Sexual desire is not a bad thing!

Greg walks out of the tall skyscraper onto a quad bustling with people.   Looking for an available space near a water feature, he spies a spot on the grass next to a beautiful reflection pool.  As he collapses on the grassy knoll to settle in, eat his lunch and read the paper, her long legs come into view.  Instantly Read more of this post

I Touch Myself: Christians and Masturbation

The following outlines a counter thought to the belief in the Christian community that masturbation is an offense against God or healthy sexuality for people of faith. Read more of this post

Take Me In The Field

Would you or have you and DH made love outside of the confines of your home…other than a hotel room? (This assumes the place, while public, provided some measure of discretion.) Read more of this post

Christians and Sex: Walking The Line

Some things are done during sex just for the pleasure of it (perhaps most things).  Having said that, we then have to vet our choices to assure we are acting in ways that are not outside our faith.  Paul says in Romans that things done against your faith are sin.

We are Christians.  Though our blog is explicitly sexual, our perspectives are in alignment with our understanding of what God wants for us and allows us.  If you are not a Christian, this and other posts won’t make sense to you.  If you are a Christian, my question then is are there lines we shouldn’t cross and how do we identify them? Read more of this post

God of The Ups and Downs!

God is love.  God created sex.  God loves sex?  No, not exactly.  To make that case, we would have to say that God loves eating, breathing or sleeping.  Doesn’t sound quite right… Read more of this post

117 Verses of Erotic ‘Song”

One hundred and seventeen verses of progressive, monogamous, creative and erotic marital intimacy.  Eight chapters of 1 love between 2 souls with deep poetic expression.  Song of Songs…Song of Solomon. Read more of this post

God and Marriage

The Pure Bed is to be a resource for ALL married men and women. As a matter of course, however, the site is a reflection of our faith in God and our understanding of His will for intimacy in the context of marriage. What follows is a basic description of our beliefs with respect to that will. Read more of this post

Biblical Sex Ethics: A Christian Perspective On Sex Practices

Sexual practices among married couples, especially those of the Christian and some other faiths, are often complicated by a lack of context and guidelines for acceptable sexual practices. In the case of Christians, the accepted standards for allowable practices are that which God provides through the teachings of the Bible. Read more of this post

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