Free Romance Kit Giveaway (Closed)

The Pure Bed's Christmas Giveaway!Shopping for His Christmas Gift Just Got Easier!

For those of us who are really busy during the holidays, this gift is the perfect thing.  And The Pure Bed has hooked up with Romantic Marriages to get you one! offers an all-inclusive “Merry Christmas Deer” romance kit. This kit makes it so easy to have a little holiday fun and frolic with your husband. The kit begins with a “good boy” letter for your man that says…  “The elves reported you’ve been a good boy by being my man through the year, so Santa decided you’ld get what YOU want.  Delivery will be by his deer!”  You then visit him on the nights leading up to Christmas as Santa’s sexy and slightly naughty deer.  Each deer delivers her own gift that makes a very unique memory.  (All gifts are included in the kit with the exception of a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.)  The kit is great at creating genuine anticipation as your man wonders which of Santa’s deer are visiting next?  With the arrival of the first deer,  “Flasher” (Dasher’s naughty twin) your holiday fun will begin! 

We like the idea that the girls at Romantic Marriages have thought of doing all the work (the shopping) for you, so you get to have all the fun!  In fact, we’ve decided to give one away.  Here’s how you can receive the kit for FREE!  Write us a short email or letter (up to 200 words or less) on why you want or need to give your husband a romantic Christmas this year.  In two weeks, we’ll choose (1) winner and have Romantic Marriages ship the kit right away so you can have your most romantic Christmas ever! 

1. Entries MUST be received by11:59 PM (Pacific Time) December 11, 2010! 
2. Recipient must be resident of U.S. or Canada.
3. Full name, Mailing Address and email or phone number MUST accompany entry.

Information will be given to Romantic Marriages to arrange shipment.

Send your entries to:



Mail to:
The Pure Bed Christmas Giveaway
P.O. Box 8147
La Verne CA 91750

We look forward to reading your responses!  Oh, and don’t forget to vote for The Pure Bed’s Blog as a 2010 Top Ten Marriage Blog!

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