Christian Marriage

What is marriage to  a Christian?  Why would a Christian’s view of marriage differ from anyone else’s?

Here’s why… Read more of this post

Free Electronic Book Giveaway!

As appreciation for being a blog visitor and/or TPB customer, we are going to give you a special gift…ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It is the latest book by our friends, Robert & Susan Irwin.

Appearing on television, radio and in printed media, Robert & Susan have spent over a decade helping married Christian couples to improve their married sex lives.

Their books are some of the most popular Christian sex guides available anywhere.

They have just finished up a new, big book (over 200 pages) and it is filled with answers to, just about, every question you might have about how to improve YOUR married sex life.

Even better, because Robert owes me a favor, I talked him into offering our supporters a copy for the very low price of…FREE!

It is titled… Read more of this post

The Most Intimate Song

The restraint of sexual passion IS NOT Christian.  The fullest human expression of it is!  If this statement makes you nervous, get help immediately…from the Bible! Read more of this post

Take Me In The Field

Would you or have you and DH made love outside of the confines of your home…other than a hotel room? (This assumes the place, while public, provided some measure of discretion.) Read more of this post

Who Comes First?

Selfless.  The word sounds noble…is noble.  Selfless.   Are you a selfless lover? Read more of this post

Who’s In My Bed?

It’s just the two of you.  As Christian believers, we mustn’t compromise the principal purpose of sexual intimacy in marriage nor the demands of God on such.  From Genesis forward, it is clear that the ‘one flesh’ principle translates into the exclusive union of one man and one woman in matrimony.  Yet, many Christians struggle with keeping to this principle. Read more of this post

God of The Ups and Downs!

God is love.  God created sex.  God loves sex?  No, not exactly.  To make that case, we would have to say that God loves eating, breathing or sleeping.  Doesn’t sound quite right… Read more of this post

117 Verses of Erotic ‘Song”

One hundred and seventeen verses of progressive, monogamous, creative and erotic marital intimacy.  Eight chapters of 1 love between 2 souls with deep poetic expression.  Song of Songs…Song of Solomon. Read more of this post

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