Energizing Your Sex Life

Energizing Your Sex Life

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The bad rap on marriage is that wedded couples experience diminished quantity and quality.  Whether it is the familiarity couples enjoy with one another, the rigors of our daily lives or a combination of these and other factors, the reality is that sex can get routine and less fulfilling without some proaction.  We recommend 3 areas that can Read more of this post

Marital Intimacy: Candy, Songs, Candlelight and Sex

I read a great line on the dust cover of a book.  Intimacy is not technique.

It isn’t exactly a profound statement.  Then again, many of the important truths in our lives don’t sound particularly deep when we say them.  For instance, all that glitters is not goldis an old adage.  No reasonable person will argue with its accuracy and no-one would swoon at the hearing of it.  It is a basic truth.  Things that look good to us aren’t automatically good for us…or of inherent value.  However, knowing this truth, many of us buy cars, choose mates and clothes that look good but are not what we need.

So back to intimacy is not technique.  I shake my head that even, as women, many of us often Read more of this post

10 Ways to Revolutionize Your Marriage This Year

You know what a resolution for the new year is?  It is an acknowledgement for a need to change.  And since it comes in the form of a resolution, it is also a tacit admission that the change may be difficult.

Are you resolved to see improvements in your marriage?  Here are 10 areas of focus to make this a Read more of this post

Become Delicious!

Remember the first line from the Toys ‘R Us jingle: I don’t want to grow up

BecCHOCOLATE BODY TATTOO KIToming an adult, getting married and having children propel us into a life of responsibilities.  We have to get serious, be thoughtful and plan for the future.  Rare is the occasion at which we can revisit the playfulness of childhood when creativity meant abandoning convention.  Making a mess wasn’t looked upon fretfully because our first thought wasn’t who’s going to clean that up?

Sexual intimacy is Read more of this post

5 Practices of Successful Marriages

Couple in FieldSo you say you want to rekindle the flame? Are you looking to jumpstart a marriage that’s fallen into a bit of a rut? Are you concerned that your relationship has taken backseat to the other aspects of your life?  Here are 5 basic practices common to marriages marked by mutual fulfillment, joy, passion and commitment over the long term.

Read more of this post

It Isn’t Sex That She’s Avoiding…


Hug (Photo credit: Cliph)

It isn’t sex that’s she’s avoiding [what the title said].  It’s you!

You are Read more of this post

Married Couples: Sex Positions

Creativity is critical for those who want to see an infusion of ‘spice’ into their marriage’s sexual routine.  Spice is really the Read more of this post

Married Sex: Location, Location, Location

Variety is the spice of life!  So they say…  Variety is most certainly the spice of sex.  And there is variety to be had in most every area of our intimate encounters, including Read more of this post

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