3 Powerful Questions Spouses Ask Each Other

Inattention and disaffection are crippling to a marriage.  Becoming “one flesh” is complicated by the exponential growth of responsibility over the years of our marriages.  Before long, the urgent crowds out the important and our marriage relationship takes backseat to marriage business.

What follows are three questions that may Read more of this post

What Is Trust To Marriage?

Trust.  It is foundational to a strong marriage.  It is an element of marital relationship which promotes growth and stability in every other aspect of it.  And often, we don’t recognize how important trust is until it becomes compromised.

In the context of marriage, trust is defined as Read more of this post

You’re Afraid of Being Judged By Your Spouse!

A Grand Kiss“I want to tell him what I want during sex…but I don’t know how!”  “I’d like to tell her I want to do this…but I don’t know how!”

Is it that you don’t know how to share your needs and desires OR is it that you ‘re concerned that your spouse may see you as being kinky or somehow abhorrent for your thoughts and desires?

Are you afraid of being judged by your spouse? Read more of this post

5 Practices of Successful Marriages

Couple in FieldSo you say you want to rekindle the flame? Are you looking to jumpstart a marriage that’s fallen into a bit of a rut? Are you concerned that your relationship has taken backseat to the other aspects of your life?  Here are 5 basic practices common to marriages marked by mutual fulfillment, joy, passion and commitment over the long term.

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Diffusing Words: “I’m Sorry”

How do you break the impasse?  How do you press beyond the juvenile instinct to ‘shutdown’ and not engage your spouse concerning a contentious issue, after a perceived offense or volatile disagreements?  How do you recover when you’ve shared harsh words, made serious allegations or questioned one another’s competence or virtue?

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Married Sex: Trust Issues

You’ve heard it before.  What happens in the bedroom is often affected by what happens in the kitchen, the living room, the den, the driveway, on the telephone, through email, on the cellphone…  You get the picture?  The constant arguing, the growing resentment between you, the accusations and suspicions all point to behaviors indicative of mistrust.  Intimacy isn’t really happening in sex if there isn’t a fundamental trust between spouses.  Without trust, all you have are the cold distant mechanics of intercourse.  There can be so much more. Read more of this post

Him Being Into Me?

We celebrate the ideal of sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.  We believe God’s divine design would have it as such.  We also acknowledge there is a fair level of sexual dysfunction within marriage, partly as a result of errant messages about sexuality in commonly available media (TV, films, magazines, novels, etc.).

We’ve sought to capture the female perspective to get a better sense of how gender perceives the role of intimacy.  Do you think we have a it right? Read more of this post

A Touch of Love

Nonsexual touch is an important experience in the life of a marriage.  What is nonsexual touch?  Well…it is touch that is not aimed at leading to sexual arousal or intercourse.  It is touch that is incidental, spontaneous and devoid of agenda…other than showing genuine affection and concern. Read more of this post

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